Our Warranty

We stand behind our workmanship with one of the best warranties in the business.  Each windshield that we install comes with the following warranty –


I. Lifetime Warranty against any leaks, wind noise and all workmanship, including any loose molding.*

II. Lifetime Rock Chip Repair Warranty on any windshield we’ve replaced and for as long as you own your vehicle.**

III. 90 Day Stress Crack Warranty.  Stress cracks are rare, however, they are covered under warranty for up to 90 days from the date your windshield was installed.  A Maurhill Certified Technician will come to you and verify if the crack was due to stress.  If it is determined to be caused by stress we will replace your windshield free of charge.

IV. 90 Day Glass Blemish Warranty.  Any blemish that cannot be washed or rubbed off, and may be a manufacturers defect inside of the glass, is covered under our 90 day warranty.

V. Chip Repair Credit.  Chip Repairs are non-refundable.   However, if the chip repair is unsuccessful or unsatisfactory the cost of your chip repair will be credited towards the cost of a windshield replacement performed by Maurhill.


*    Rust, body damage, 3rd party glass or materials provided by customer may void warranty.
**  This is a Chip warranty only. Cracks not included.  Chips must be smaller than a quarter, repairable and out of the drivers line of sight.  No more than one chip repaired at a time per appointment.  Note:  Chip repairs are not always reliable and the damage could still spread in the future.  No guarantees are offered.


AUTO GLASS AFTERCARE PRECAUTIONS:  Failure to follow proper after care procedures will void any and all warranties toward your vehicle.

  1. Allow your vehicle to sit for at least 2 hours following glass replacement.  The minimum “cure-time” for safe drive away is 1 ½ hours.
  2. Colored tape around the edge of your glass may be removed in 24 hours, unless otherwise instructed by a Maurhill technician.
  3. Do not wash your vehicle for at least 48 hours following  installation. No exceptions.
  4. Each installation is meticulously inspected, however, if you find a spot of black residue on your vehicle, it could be a drip of bonding urethane that shouldn’t be removed until dry.  Allow it to dry completely before attempting to remove it.  Once dry, it will roll off easily with your fingertip.  It will not damage your vehicle in any way.

Thank You for Choosing Maurhill Auto Glass to replace your auto glass.