Insurance Agents

As an insurance agent, you provide insurance protection to cover your client’s financial loss. We provide protection to cover life and limb and we protect one additional aspect. We also protect the relationship you have with your clients.

We’d like to be Your Preferred Auto Glass Company.We know the relationship that you enjoy with your clients is close and personal.  Matter of fact, we’d like to have the same kind of relationship you have with clients too, but we can’t.  Fortunately, for our clients, we may only see them once every four years when they break a windshield.  You, on the other hand, probably see or talk to your clients a number of times during the year. It’s these experiences that build your credibility and trust.

So, why recommend Maurhill to your clients?  We know there are a lot of Auto Glass companies in the Twin City area.  Some are much larger, and some have been around for many years.  We believe your selection comes down to trust.  Again, It takes a credible experience to build trust.

We intend to earn your Trust by…

1. Protecting and respecting the relationship you’ve established with your clients.  We realize it took you a lot of time and effort to build a trusting relationship with your clients.  One wrong word…one bad experience…one bad recommendation from you can destroy your relationship.  We can’t afford to have your customers driving around with wind or water leaks or an unsafe windshield. Your customer would be upset with you.  You’d be upset with us.  And, for sure, you’d never recommend us again.  We wouldn’t blame you.

2. Guaranteeing our Technicians are the best.  We’re not a revolving door for auto glass technicians.  The key to attracting and keeping the best technicians, the artists of the trade, is to make sure they have state-of-the-art tools, superior materials to work with and a superior compensation program.  We expect they may be working on a “Hummer” one day and a “Mini Cooper” the next…they better be the best.

3. Trusting we won’t bully your clients into letting us call you.  We do try to make it as fast and easy as possible for your clients to have their windshields replaced.  So while we may suggest that it might save them time and effort if we handled all of the details, we know that many feel more comfortable speaking to you directly.  Again, if we really want you to recommend us to your customers, we intend to do whatever makes you and your client comfortable.

4. Trust, you’ll hear from us as soon as your client’s windshield has been replaced and inspected.  We will mail you a copy of our “9 Point Exit-Check” so you know your client’s vehicle has had a post-replacement inspection by a Certified Technician.

“Call Us…an Auto Glass Partner You can Trust!”