mobile windshield replacement


Here to serve you in the South Metro and beyond

We know that you don’t do business with people or companies you don’t trust. We don’t either. We believe in the old saying…”It takes a lifetime to build trust and a second to lose it.” We live this….We preach it. It’s the cornerstone of our business and company vision.

Maurhill Auto Glass was started because we had a certain vision and work ethic. I worked locally as a glass technician for many years; installing glass during Minnesota sub zero winters, monsoon springs, sweltering summers and our always beautiful fall weather. I learned how to perform safe installations in all kinds of weather.

I also learned that there was a right way and a wrong way to install auto glass. Too often, we were called in to repair, what you might call, errors of judgment on the part of other installers. That’s when I decided to start my own company based on the philosophy that it’s better business to “do it right the first time.”

We created a set of principles that we all live by…we call them our six-pack of truths. It begins with…”When you choose our people to replace your windshield…
#1 You trust us with you and your family’s personal safety.
#2 You trust we’ll utilize the latest, safest installation techniques.
#3 You trust our technicians are the “best available.”
#4 You trust our pricing is fair and equitable.
#5 You trust, if there is a problem, it will be handled immediately.
#6 You trust us enough to tell your family and friends about us.

You Want it Done Fast.  All it takes is a phone call and we can, quite possibly, replace your windshield the “Same Day.”  You can avoid “time wasting” multiple phone calling by allowing us to handle all the paper-work.  Besides, it costs the same whether you handle the paper-work or we do.  We’ll verify your insurance with your insurance agent and get back to you immediately.  Our multiple locations will also make it easier for us to get to your automobile within minutes.

You Want it Done Right.  From a business standpoint, it’s foolish and expensive not to do a glass replacement right the first time.  Simply knowing that you are driving around feeling safe and secure, and knowing your windshield is once again providing you the protection you paid for, is peace of mind for us.  We’re extremely proud that many of our customers are old customers.  We attribute this to an extremely low call-back rate. Our “9 Point Exit-Check” also assures our customers that their installation was performed correctly.

You Want it Done Safely.  Glass replacement is as complex as replacing a set of brakes.  A poor installation of either is equally as dangerous.  The complexity of automobiles continues to grow, which means installers must continue to learn.  That’s why we only specialize in auto glass replacement.  Our NGA Certified technicians are trained to install auto glass.  They don’t replace glass patio doors or mirrors…just auto glass.  We screen our technicians to make sure they have a minimum of three years experience and are considered “Pros” by their peers.  Our technicians expect to work with the latest tools and top of the line materials because they are Pros. Our screening process protects both of us.

You Want to know it’s Done. Our 9 Point Exit-Check assures you that your installation was done fast, done right and done safely.
1. Your wipers have been tested to insure proper positioning.
2. All connections have been tested that were affected by the installation (washer hose, antenna, heating elements, etc.)
3. We’ve vacuumed all glass and debris from your vehicle.
4. We’ve installed moldings, clips, windshields wipers, cowling etc., and replace them with new parts if necessary.
5. We’ve reviewed safe drive-away time recommendation with you.
6. We’ve inspected your vehicle for cleanliness.
7. We’ve double-checked for use of proper urethane adhesive for safe drive-away time requirements.
8. We’ve reviewed our warranty information and care instructions.
9. We’ve said “THANK YOU” on behalf of all of us at Maurhill.